We always thought that Doom & Dickson were two gimmicky fictional characters made up by Amsterdam agency Doom & Dickson. But to our surprise we received a hard covered Christmas story that is not just Doom & Dickson’s client-christmas-card, but also reveals that Jack Doom &  Bill Dickson actually started as MadMen in New York. What’s more, the story “How Christmas Came To Be” explains that Christmas originates from the agency’s sketch book. We know, it sounds a little pretentious – especially when you say Coca Cola’s Christmas story is “crap” – but if you read the story – in rhyme – the matter of the fact is that a forester from Maine, called Paul, knocked on D&D’s door – when they just started in New York – and asked them to help him sell his Nordmann trees. Paul could already picture himself a rich man, but he just didn’t know how to persuade the consumer to buy his trees. After a lengthy brainstorm the creative team came up with an ‘Event’, which for that time was revolutionary. “An event with a man in some sort of big suit, He must be an example for men to do good”. So for those of you who thought Christmas had something to do with Jesus Christ; you are all wrong. Christmas is an event conceived by Doom &  Dickson to sell Nordmann trees. We agree, a little far fetched (or creative, if you will), but the beautiful illustrations made by Bart Bus and Adri van Geldere make you want to believe it’s true.