That is probably the question the entire advertising world will be asking consumers in 2011. It’s quite incredible that in such a short time Facebook has turned brands into virtual ‘friends’ that politely ask for acknowledgment. This week we received two special ‘Like’ requests. One by Heineken (initiated by Fitzroy), asking us to ‘Like’ 2011 and to simultaneously wish our social network a happy 2011. And the other one by ‘Consumer & Safety’ (initiated by Eet Banaan, or eat banana), allowing us to warn our friends for the danger of fireworks. Since the branded ‘Like’ is still relatively new, most people click ‘Like’ without giving it much thought and the message goes viral in no time. Interesting times… Anyways, we hope to see you all back in one piece in 2011, so go easy on the Heinies when you’re doing fireworks on New Year’s Eve.