Dawn has transformed its season’s greetings into this bottle of vodka. And since the agency has a strong feeling for branding, it is called Modka, using the inverted ‘m’ from Dawn’s logo. A nice collateral advantage of this name is that they could claim the URL modka.nl. On this dedicated website all the internal correspondence on how Modka came into existence is disclosed (“modkaleaks”). And that’s why the 100% organic grain vodka (bottled by Rutte & Zn) is dubbed ‘The most transparent vodka in the world’. So if you ask yourself, which font they used for Modka, you’ll find out on the website that it’s “45 point Pippin Regular”. It also reveals that the bottle does not contain “0.375 ml”, which would be a drop, but 0.5 liter (the mistake was due to a dyslectic art director and sloppy AM) , that the website cost Dawn €888, and many more trivial facts. We hope the Modka tastes as clean as it looks.