Zarb, meaning bizarre in French slang, is a relatively new Champagne brand that was introduced by agency THEY two years ago. An understandable brand name, if your plan is to turn the traditional champagne market upside down. Instead of becoming cautious or even apathetic, THEY wanted to convert the economic crises into something positive; hence Champagne, a drink you have when there’s something to celebrate. The Zarb bottles were turned into a creative medium by asking different artists to design their own bottle. This December the agency launched a new series, named Deep Black, using the wonders of the underwater world as inspiration. The first bottle (left) shows a photo of a squid taken by deep sea photographer David Shale. The second and third bottle (middle and left) show pictures of two mermaid-like creatures. The middle one is designed by underwater photographer Zena Holloway and the one on the right is a collaboration between Holloway and costume designer Vin Burnham. In December a pop-up store in the Amsterdam Berenstraat exhibited the new collection. Several other artists were asked to create special edition magnums. What a great idea. And if you thought it’s ‘all play and no work’, you’re wrong. The brand is slowly expanding its distribution around the globe. A lesson to be learned for all agencies that still have the feeling that the economic crises is putting them out of business; you can simply create your own – after all, you are a creative agency.