A nice concept to indirectly ask the visitors of a museum what the definition of art is – made us think of Banksy’s work smuggled into famous museums around the world. But we immediately thought, why on earth would Kit Kat want to expose its ‘art’ in a Museum in Twenthe – of all places? The only comparison between Kit Kat and abstract American art is…um… nothing. But of course it’s not about the people in the museum. They are just part of the candid camera show. The target lives on the internet and is so busy with checking their Facebook a zillion times a day, hoping to be entertained by random content shared by their friends and wannabee friends, that every now and then they might need a little break. Or even better, for most people the break is checking their Facebook. Tada; we have a match! Have a break, Have a Kit Kat – or ‘Have a Breakism’ as the ad was dubbed. We hope it’ll go as viral as Kit Kat Jesus – though we’re afraid our hope might not prove strong enough. Created by UbachsWisbrun/JWT.