Internationally Heineken has always been a cosmopolitan brand with a high level of sophistication. The green iconic ‘export’ bottle even made James Bond every now and then skip his Martini. But in the past years it seemed like the brand lost its mojo somewhat. After all, sponsoring the Champions League proves you have a big bag of money, but doesn’t give you personality – if any, a corporate one.

So when we saw this new commercial ‘The Entrance’ – preleased online – we thought; yes Heineken is back! The rich film saturated with cinematographic production value does make an entrance. And agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam must have thought, while we’re at it, we might as well shoot some more. On Heineken’s Facebook fanpage, behind the tab ‘The Entrance’ there are 13 different short films that elaborate on the different characters you see in the commercial – here (‘Big in wonderland’) and here (‘The man with the eyepatch’) two examples. These extra’s make no sense at all, but are clearly made with a sense of humour and therefore fun to watch; branded content in optima forma. And there’s a smart catch; you can only watch the short films after having ‘Liked’ the fanpage, which makes the videos spread quickly – and allows Heineken to spam your wall, for that matter.

But there’s more; by collaborating with the Danish band Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Heineken is hoping that the song The Golden Age will become an international hit. We can easily imagine it will. And if that happens there will be yet another medium pushing the campaign. Hats off, not just for Wieden, but also for Heineken, letting its agency go wild and use its full creative potential. The commercial was directed by Frederik Bon (Sonny London).