When judging this commercial created by BSUR and directed by Robert Jitzmark at face value – that is, in 2D – you could ask yourself; what’s the fuzz all about? Of course; it does look spectacular, it clearly shows the product, and even communicates a message; there is an entire MINI family measuring 15.52 meter. But only when you know that this is a 3D production (“the world-first use of 3D slow motion technology, pioneered by MIT”), you start to see the real potential. After all, stuff that jumps works very well in 3D. So far the 3D version was broadcasted in 1,000 cinemas throughout the US. We surely hope it will jump the big pond, so that we get a chance to also enjoy it in three dimensions. Another important dimension that is missing, is the end of the commercial. But there’s a good reason for that. MINI wants its customers to find out about it on the interwebs. London based Renegade Media was responsible for the online execution. They told us something about a Facebook take-over, a 10-second teaser, a soap opera featuring the driver and the stuntman, and them also guest moderating a conversation with the audience. Since we didn’t quite get it, we went to Facebook to check it out, but there was noting to see. So unfortunately we’ll never know whether the Monster truck made it.

Update: We received an email from Renegade Media that directed us to the making of. There you can find out that the monster truck made it.