Alfred and Lowe Amsterdam founded a new agency, Lowe@Alfred, that will solely service  Unilever’s brands. For Alfred this is a separate agency that will operate next to its existing agency. For Lowe it’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The merger was initiated by Unilever who is a client of both agencies and asked for one strong local agency with an international network. Alfred is the strong local agency and Lowe has the network. What’s interesting about this merger is that Alfred is founded by ex Lowe employees Marcel van Wing, Aad Kuijper, and Patrick de Zeeuw. When they left Lowe, they took  Lowe’s (or Aad Kuijper’s, if you will) one trick pony with them; humorous advertising (mainly for FMCG’s) that makes parents feel good. Chairman Tony Wright from Lowe + Partners calls this “populistic creative ideas”, which sounds like a contradiction to us, but has proven to be a concept that sells Unilever’s products wonderfully well. For example, Alfred recently won the ‘Gouden Loeki’ (the only award that represents what consumers think is good advertising) for Unilever’s Calvé peanut butter. The commercial is practically a remake of an old Lowe concept from the 80s, but since the consumer loves it, the lack of originality it is not an issue for Unilever. For Lowe this merger seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel; in less than a decade it changed from one of the most successful agency’s in the industry to a handful of people subrenting some space at Interpublic’s sister McCann. And for Alfred it’s a big compliment; in exactly four years time it has grown so strong that today it is able to swallow Lowe Amsterdam – at least, that is what the name Lowe@Alfred suggests.