This poster – with a young Picasso in 1906 – is spread throughout Amsterdam to advertise the new Van Gogh exhibition ‘Picasso in Paris, 1900-1907’ – a joint exhibition with the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Amsterdam based Koeweiden Postma designed the visual identity of the exhibition. The design agency even created a customized font – we assume that’s why so much weight was given to the text in the poster compared to Picasso’s self portrait. According to Koeweiden Postma the font refers to Picasso’s inspiration by African masks, art nouveau/jugendstil, and the colours of the different periods in Picasso’s life. This sounds more like not being able to make a choice than creating a strong visual identity. And though the lay-out of the poster makes us a little dizzy, we’ll be definitely visiting the Van Gogh Museum soon.