Another great idea by Tribal DDB for KLM; Travlr, a website that inspires travelers by aggregating geo-tagged holiday snapshots and presenting them on a navigable map of the world. Travlr allows you to search for – let’s say – ‘scuba diving’, together with a budget (the link to an airline ticket), and the map offers you all there is to find about scuba diving on YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps, Wikitravel, Flickr and Foursquare. A difficult task, since the algorythm needs to filter out all the crap that is floating on the internet – that’s why the platform is still in beta. We’ve often asked ourselves why Lonely Planet doesn’t use more traveler generated content –  the ultimate strategic fit – but now that KLM is jumping into this opportunity, we certainly hope Travlr will be nurtured and raised to become a mature travel platform. It would add a huge amount of value to the brand and KLM might even be able to expand its products and services beyond that of an airline. Very innovative.