Amsterdam is getting excited for Queen’s day. Not just because Amsterdam becomes one big orange party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but also because the streets turn into the biggest garage sale in the world. We don’t have a clue how getting rid of second hand stuff became part of Queen’s day, but a distinctive side effect of it is that people claim their favourite ‘retail’ spot by writing “Bezet” (taken) on the streets with tape, days in advance. A bit of a strange habit, claiming land that is not yours. It’s no surprise that it made creatives Jan Bosch en Tim ten Dam (Saatchi & Saatchi) think of that bigger piece of land in the Himalaya and use it to promote the organization Save Tibet. Heineken also tapped into the tradition of claiming land, though in a less political way. According to the beer brewer (or it’s agency TBWA\Neboko, if you like) the most important spot to claim is on your hand. We concur.