Here’s yet another brand that uses social media statistics to show how cool (or not cool) you are – yesterday we wrote about Hi using Facebook stastistics. This concept for Volkswagen, called ‘LinkedUit’, not only uses your LinkedIn data, it also allows you to battle your LinkedIn network, to see – among other things – who has more contacts, a longer resume, and more recommendations. If you win, you’re ‘In’ and if you loose you’re ‘Out’. The animation that comes with the battle also allows you to stick your profile photo on your animated avatar. For those of you who wonder what the strategic fit is with the new Volkswagen Passat; the campaign question is ‘How full are you of yourself?’ And since the Volkswagen Passat comes with many special features, it’s full of itself too – a bit of a stretch. Created by Achtung! The digital agency works for Volskwagen for years now and has already built an impressive list of dedicated production introduction websites.