Heather LeFrevre, head of account planning at StrawberryFrog (and columnist for Amsterdam Ad Blog) is seeking participants for her yearly global planner (read: adverting strategists) survey. It is the 7th year in a row she is conducting the survey. The survey includes questions like what do you like about your job, what do you earn, and where would you like to work as a planner. LeFevre started the survey because she wanted to find out if her salary was fair compared to her peers. Today the survey has grown into a serious affair. LeFevre is supported by a team of international volunteers in order to keep all the questions fresh and – more importantly – crunch all the data. LeFevre: “there are an estimated 10,000 planners in the world. Last year 1,578 participated and the goal is to reach more than 2,000 this year.” Here are the results of last year’s survey. The survey is open for three more weeks and the results expected around mid-August. If you call yourself a planner (or ad strategist), you can participate here.