A commercial that feels like a warm bath, that’s how we experienced this. Cynics might say the concept is a little too easy, but in our opinion it’s just perfect; on strategy (Bavaria = a beer without bullshit), well written, and well executed. It helps of course if you can afford Hugh Hefner and his sexy entourage, but there are enough agencies out there that would be able to fuck it up. Not Selmore and director Jonathan Herman (Bonkers). But it’s not just Selmore doing a good job. A great agency needs a great client. And if there’s one brand out there that understands marketing and – more importantly – dares to stick its neck out, it’s Bavaria. It started with a complete new visual identity in 2009 (by Brandnew Design), with powerful blue instead of faded green. Then it created a series of commercials with aspirational production value – e.g. the epic journey of a drop and, about a year ago, Mickey Rourke, selling alcohol free beer. But the jewel in the crown of Bavaria’s marketing efforts was the DutchDress, a premium targeted at women instead of men and used as ambush marketing tool during last year’s World Championships football in South Africa and causing priceless amounts of PR. It’s no coincidence that Bavaria was awarded ‘Advertiser of the year’ by the SAN (organization of advertisers) last week. The biggest award for Bavaria (and Selmore) though is that it turned itself in an indisputable A brand within 2 years time.