In September last year Philips launched an online series, called Nigel & Victoria. We then judged it “a fairly watchable boy-meets-girl comedy.” When we saw this teaser for Season 2, which started last week, we were even more impressed. It not only confirms once more that Philips has a modern look on advertising (allocating its ad budget to production, rather than buying media) and doesn’t mind experimenting a little, it also shows how an ad property can grow – if you only give it some time. In the first episode Philips brand manager Nigel (actor Ben Willbond) was creating a series of product demonstrations with the stubborn, but sexy Victoria (Koblenko). Now that they’ve fallen in love and want to separate their work from their relationship, the second episode ‘The search for the new Victoria’ is about Nigel traveling around the world to find someone that can replace his girlfriend. And, tada, there’s your consumer engagement and branded content; attractive girls from all over the world demonstrating Philips gear – though we’re not sure how honest the selection process went. The episodes are released on a dedicated Facebook page. Created by Tribal DDB and production agency Wenneker.