This is good stuff. Brad and Kelly, two personal beer trainers from LA, show how to get into shape with Bavaria 0.0%. Achtung! created three lessons on Facebook that teach you how to ‘roll’, ‘poor’, and ‘swirl’ a Bavaria 0.0% bottle in such an engaging way that you easily sit out the entire training. And when Facebook asks you after the first lesson if Bavaria is allowed to connect to your personal details you say ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought. And though you could say that it’s really easy to sell a brand with a few hard bodies – Axe (or Lynx) is entirely built on those – the success comes down to the perfect execution. That’s what the Swedish director Henrik Kindgren (It’s Showtime) did; he used all the cliches in a subtle enough and credible way – you’d almost believe it. And yes, we know, it has been done before for Amstel Lite – by Hallelujah and MacGyver. That is a pity. The big difference though is that Brad and Kelly actually make Bavaria 0.0% look cool.