There’s a new kid in town; Kingsday, a EuroRSCG 4D break away, founded by Sander Volten, Bram de Rooij, Sicco Beerda, and Eric Ytsma (in the photo – taken by Jasper Zwartjes – from left to right). The name is inspired by Queensday, a day that turns Amsterdam into one big party and during which “openness, spontaneity, and entrepreneurship meet”. Since these guys always look ahead – digital is incorporated in their DNA – they are anticipating the succession of the Royal throne by Willem Alexander, who will be taking over from his mother, Queen Beatrix. Hence, Kingsday. The agency wants to merge advertising, PR, and digital, which does sound like the ultimate mix. After all, advertising is mainly good in building a strong message, digital mainly in using state of the art techniques, and PR mainly in seeding. Not many agencies master all of these qualities at the same time. Kingsday’s ambition is to work for both Dutch and international clients and to start playing ‘Champions League’ straight away. Though there’s not one big founding client, the agency is talking with many different potential clients, so we trust these talented admen to be back on the pitch soon enough. We wish them all the best!