This new Hyundai Velostar has 3, instead of 4 doors. That’s a bit strange. We understand the concept when getting out of the car just next to a very busy road. But how about 95% of the cases when you don’t have to worry about the traffic on the driver’s side? Hyundai might argue that it’s a coupé, so that the third door is a bonus. But then we could argue that a coupé should look sexy and not be mutilated by a third door. Anyway, this scary commercial was banned by Hyundai’s head office. And that’s a pity, since it clearly communicates the car’s USP. It was created by Fitzroy and directed by Tom Rijpert.

Update: Rumor goes that Hyundai purposely banned the commercial (but allowed it on internet), because that would enhance its virality. That does sound plausible.
Update: (September, 1st) We received a letter from Hyundai explaining that the video we were showing online was infringing Hyundai’s copyrights. The film was never released on TV, because Hyundai’s head office found it too strong. Apparently the ‘online’ success was not planned and that’s why it has been banned there as well.