In this commercial, created by Woedend! and directed by Roel Welling (WeFilm) for the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) – held 21-30 September – a random passer-by is dragged into a hostage scene of a film set with well known Dutch actors. The bald guy (Cees Geel) starts with “It’s good to have you here”. Then he passes him on to the leader of the SWAT team (Achmed Akkabi). It is to show that anyone that visits the NFF will become easily part of it. Hence the pay-off: “Before you know it, you’re in it”. Because it is executed so well, we thought at first that it might have been staged, but the ‘making of’ (in Dutch) – that at some point gave us goosebumps (!) – proofs that it’s all real and thus brilliantly done. There’s also a set of print ads, created by Jochem Sanders (WeFilm).