Beginning of this month we wrote about the weird, but attractive MINI Coupé films made by BSUR. The theme of the films was ‘Find your adventure’. This was translated into an activation by Fel Concepts into the good old message in a bottle. The bottles are dropped in Thorpe Bay, Essex and to be found on the other side of the Channel on the beach of ‘Dutchy’ land. If you find one, you get to test drive the Coupé. Um, we don’t mind this concept, but when you compare this Coupé in a bottle with the BSUR commercials, you all of a sudden remember why they always used to talk about ‘above’ and ‘below the line’; the two have nothing to do with each other – except for the phrase ‘find your adventure’. Come on, MINI, if you spend so much money on the introduction of a new car, you really should go for an integrated campaign.