Last year we were much impressed by Tribal DDB’s work for the Philips Wake-up Light. The agency made an entire village in the Arctic use a Wake-up Light and share their experiences – they even made a documentary about it. This year Philips and Tribal DDB chose to go for the masses; everyone can test the product (for free). That is, not everyone, but a ‘selected’ group of consumers that ‘Like’ the Wake-up Light Facebook fan page. This group can download an app (on iPhone) to register the ease of waking up on a daily basis. You can also simply do a quiz to find out whether you are a “Morning person” – or a ‘zombie’, ‘grump’, ‘early bird’, etc. Apparently the proof of this product is really in the eating. But it fascinates us that even though this product feels scientifically sound, it is so hard for Philips to make everyone use it. That is, we’ve never come across one except in Tribal DDB’s campaigns. Is it the price of the product (around €100)? The appearance maybe? Or are consumers simply conservative by nature? Probably a bit of each. Anyway, compared to the Wake-up light itself, Tribal DDB has done everything possible to make things look attractive. The film was produced by Mini Vegas and Revolver Media. The animations were done by Keytoon Animation Studio and the website was built by MediaMonks.