We all know it’s Movember by now. But if you haven’t stopped shaving your moustache, maybe this nice picture by Dolly Rogers can entice you (if you are male) to drop your razor and register at Movember. According to Jennette Snape, CD at Dolly Rogers, the agency has a close connection with Movember, because of the Australian origin of both Dolly Rogers and Movember. Snape: “In Australia it’s huge. nearly every male tv presenter, sports person or public celebrity takes part. This is the third year Movember has been in the Netherlands and new territories are always a tougher audience to convince. Guys have a thing about their self image with a moustache and here in Holland it’s also a cultural issue; the Dutch are not comfortable standing out too much.” Dolly rogers decided to infiltrate in the Dutch culture via the creative community, because standing out is one of our trade marks. So, to all guys out there, support Movember and start growing your Mo!