Last time we judged KesselsKramer’s work for Hans Brinker more of the same. Well, here is something new. And we like it. This dedicated YouTube channel invites people to create some advertising for the Hans Brinker hotel – “the most discouraging hotel of Amsterdam”. The reason that Hans Brinker asks the crowd to help out, is that it believes in advertising, but not in fancy advertising agencies. It doesn’t matter whether you share “a talking kitten, your drunk friend cycling or a Rick Astley video” you just have to make sure that you mention Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. When a video reaches a 1,000 views, Hans Brinker will pay you €10 in cash. It looks like KesselsKramers – Hans Brinker’s fancy advertising agency – made some nice examples to trigger the crowd. If these examples help to make this campaign actually get picked up by the crowd, we’ll like it even more.