About a year ago MassiveMusic decided to give away a custom designed Gibson – in the colors of its visual identity. The contest was simple; conceive a nickname for the guitar and the best name will win the guitar. Wouter Boon – strategist and editor at Amsterdam Ad Blog – won the guitar dubbing it ‘The Ripple’. MassiveMusic founder Hans Brouwer; “Out of 192 names, we chose The Ripple through a democratic process; all our agencies around the world were allowed to vote. It was a close call, but eventually ‘The Ripple’ was liked best.” The other finalists were ‘LollyRock’ (Heinrich Vejlgaard, freelance creative in Denmark), and ‘Rockwork Orange’ (Floris Cobelens, marketing director at Heineken). Massive asked Gibson to make 6 customized guitars in total, also one for each office – next weekend Massive is officially opening its 5th office in London. Boon: “It’s funny, when I saw the guitar I instantly knew ‘The Ripple’ should be its name, since it matched so well with the design. I am really glad I won and feel obliged to take some lessons now!