Bit strange. “Your dad and mom have a great surprise for you. We’ve been thinking about the winter holiday, and this year we won’t stay in Tirol. We’ll go to…Holland”. The kids immediately know what that means; the ‘Vaalserberg’ (a shitty hill that cannot be called a mountain) and ‘koek and zopie’ (the term for cookies and a warm drinks sold on the frozen lakes where people ice skate). The son is so thrilled that he asks dad to play some music. Then the voice over: “Our winters are starting to stand out, so you better be prepared. Do the Peugeot winter check.” It’s quite entertaining. And it’s also well produced (First on Mars), directed (Herman Poppelaars), and acted, but it almost makes you wonder whether the idea was there before the client briefing. Created by EuroRSCG.