An interesting piece (10:42) of branded content; a joint web series by MINI and Vice – or Vice and MINI if you like. The series is presented by Elliott Bambrough and a different co-driver is selected through social media every episode. It follows up the introductory set of commercials around the theme ‘All the wrong places’ featuring the MINI Coupé in different exotic places, positioning the car as an adventurous and cosmopolitan wannahave. Or ‘not for ordinary people’ as we judged the work in September. This episode is about ‘Dekotora’ trucks in Japan, basically a tradition to pimp your ride with kitschy colours, graphics and lights. At the end a MINI Coupé is pimped – a little. You could say that giving the Coupé such a prominent role is a little too much – especially since Vice is seen as a more or less independent magazine – but since it’s done at the end and subtle enough, we don’t really mind it. All in all a smart joint promotion by MINI and Vice. Created by BSUR.