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Hard bodies doing the laundry

November 24, 2011, AAB

It took us a bit of discussion to have an opinion about this teaser and website created by SuperHeroes. Some reactions: scary, gay, and stereotypical. Why show 6 men that demonstrate the different motions of an LG washing machine? Are women morons? Or are we taking this too seriously? Maybe we are. Maybe LG simply offers a good excuse – for some – to watch these hard bodies doing the laundry. We don’t really know. What do you think?

4 Comments on "Hard bodies doing the laundry"

  • Niki says:

    Talking of stereotypical; why is the colored guy so greasy, compared to the rest? He clearly outshines all the other ‘programs’.

  • Advertijs says:

    Never LG for me.

  • Tsja says:

    Sex sells, obviously. From a female point of view it might just be an attractive way to learn about otherwise rather dull washing machine features. For the rest: not my cup of tea..

  • Brian says:

    Stereotypical? It’s a fact that the majority of people who buy household products are (still) women. That’s our society, and there is enough data to tell us that. Until it changes, if you wanna sell household things, you have to talk to the women that buy them.

    At the same time, women are used in advertising like this all the time, and nobody says anything. If we’re going to objectify people for advertising, why not do it to everyone equally?

    I’m not homosexual, but I am a feminist, and I think it’s refreshing to see men being used in advertising the way women usually are. We’ve come a long way since Don Draper’s time!

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