The last day of the year, a good day for reflection. What did 2011 bring Amsterdam Ad Blog. A redesign implemented in the beginning of this year. A lot more traffic and followers on Twitter and Facebook. The traffic came from 168 countries – in total – this year. Roughly 50% of our visitors came from the Netherlands, 10% from the States, 6% from the UK, and the same percentage from Germany and France combined. The top 10 is completed by Italy, Canada, India, Brazil, and Australia, respectively. The list of countries is closed by one single visit from Mayotte, a small island that we’ve never heard of – located between Mozambique and Madagascar. Next year we’re going to introduce some new features. Among them ‘Interiors’; photos of the interiors of Amsterdam advertising agencies. Also ‘Inspiration’; what inspires Amsterdam ad creatives. We are also talking about a collaboration with another ad platform and we’re happy to announce that we found two new columnists who will be writing for AAB on a regular basis. And, finally, as always we’re open for new, interesting content from our readers. So if you have any ideas, let us know. Thanks for reading us and have a great 2012!