We’re very pleased to announce a brand new set of columnists. Before we worked with ‘Viewpoints’, allowing our readers to contribute on a casual basis, but we’ve discovered that deadlines work better than ‘whenever you like’. So we recruited a bunch of ad folk willing to write on a more regular basis. In order of future appearance; Astrid Groenewegen, strategist and founder of SUE Amsterdam; Axel van Weel, since recently freelance (long form) copywriter and ‘surf magazine journalist’; Sasha Naod, PR specialist and journalist, who worked for Philips before and recently started his own business; Gerald Hensel, strategists at Blast Radius and responsible for founding APG Netherlands; Marleen Wiedhaup, freelance copywriter; and Maarten Boer, copywriter and founder of Buutvrij for Life – the Cosumentenbond found his columns often too critical, so let’s see what he can do for us. Astrid kicks off today with the column ‘Design for excitement’, about the small, designy things in our business – rather than the ‘big ideas’ – that make us love brands.