Chances are we’re going to have an ‘Elfstedentocht’ (Eleven-town-tour) next weekend; a 200 km ice skating tour through the province of Friesland. What’s unique about the tour is that on average it’s only held once every 7 years. The reason is that the ice needs to be at least 15 cm thick along the entire track to be able to hold an impressive amount of 15.000 contestants passing it during the race. The entire country – or rather all lazy media for whom this topic is an easy catch – are in anticipation of the “tour of tours”. And since hot chocolate is the most popular drink sold on the ice for (recreational) ice skaters, Chocomel is working overtime. And naturally its agency Achtung! jumped on the ‘Elfstedenkoorts’ (Eleven-town-fever) with the Elfstedenbarometer app that shows the percentage of chance there will be an Elfstedentocht. The app displays the weather forcesast and, more importantly, the percentage of chance of the tour taking place (this morning 49% – which is not much compared to the amount of press coverage). It’s not the most innovative app ever, but if you’re fed up with all the media religiously and constantly talking about the Elfstedentocht, this is the app for the bare facts. And apparently it’s a winner, cause it’s the fourth most downloaded app in the Netherlands at the moment. Oh, and not to forget, when you tweet about it, you can win a winter supply of Chocomel.