Last year we were invited to the Digital Podge, an informal get together of digital minds. Now there’s yet another digital dinner in Amsterdam, held on the 21st of March, literally called ‘Digital Dinner’. It is organized by Emerce, Achtung! (that also initiated the Dutch Podge), Bert Hagendoorn, and our colleagues from Pop The Campaign. What is different from the podge is that there will be some great speakers from here and abroad sharing their work and experiences in digital creativity. The evening, moderated by Dick Buschman (Achtung!), will be enlightened by – among others – Anders Gustafsson (CD at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), James Cooper (Innovation Officer at JWT), Tony Högqvist (Founder of Perfect Fools), and Sam Ball (Creative Partner at Lean Mean Fighting Machine). The complete list of speakers (partly selected by Creative Social, another organizer of digital get togethers) can be found on a very nicely designed website – see also screenshot above. The bad news is that the evening is for the largest part invite only. The good news is that we’ll share what we learn and, more importantly, that as from Monday there is a small amount of tickets publicly available – €250 a piece. We recommend to put up a tent in front of the website.