This is weird, a car brand that tries to hypnotize you to like their new car. The first case of hypno-tising we ever heard of. Last time Fitzroy tried a creepy viral that was supposedly not approved by Hyundai’s head office to sell the 3-door Velostar. This time they’re going subliminal. We can imagine that when “new”, “improved”, etc. won’t cut it, the temptation of taking the art of persuasion to the next level is there. It’s done by means of Peter Powers – we assume that’s his ‘artist’ name. The concept is definitely original, but when we see this trailer we have the feeling that we’re looking at Derek Ogilvie ‘genuinely’ talking to the dead. And since many people think Ogilvie is a fraud, you’re walking on thin ice here. As for the hypnosis-session itself; we tried it. Seriously, we really tried, but didn’t get hypnotized. “The love and affection” that Peter Powers wants us to feel for the i30 didn’t occur. But as you can imagine, we’re not the average Hyundai buyer. And one thing is sure, just like the previous viral this will easily generate some (negative) rumour around the brand.