It’s not easy to start a new financial service these days. Especially when it’s an investment service. Some see opportunities though. And since today transparency is key, you can imagine how ‘Open’ came out of the brand name brainstorm. What we don’t really understand is the random ‘h’ in there. Even if you want to own a short URL, oHpen does make quite a weird name – especially if you’re dyslectic. And while we’re at it; the logo (created by …, Staat) is a bit too grey in our opinion. This brand is about a fresh start, a new dawn. What’s more, there’s a foundation behind Ohpen – we found out on their website – that strives to create a better world. So we would have opted for a more colorful logo. Anyway, the voice over: “It’s a natural law; everything starts small. Just like an asset. That’s why Ohpen is the first in Europe to introduce index-investing and keeps it simple and responsible. So whether you have 1 million euros or just the one; Ohpen is there for everyone. Because everything that ends big, starts small.” So that’s why this pleasant film is shown in reverse. You see how money is made; and it all starts with a cotton plant. Got it. Created by SSSS & Orchestra, directed by Bruce St. Clair (Caviar), and music by MassiveMusic.