There’s a new agency in town. And by the looks of its promotional ‘flyer’ we already dare to call it one of the most creative agencies in town. Not just because it was founded by multi-talent Johan Kramer – co-founder of KesselsKramer – but more so because this flyer (or actually oversized newspaper) is the richest and most creative agency content we’ve come across for a while. It introduces the very small office of Johan Kramer, which is very small because it lives in a shoebox. The reason is that Kramer only wants to do a few projects a year and because growth inside the head is more important than a big office. In other words, there should be plenty of room for “long holidays, to disconnect.” What’s more, Johan loves his work, but his “private life is even more important”. That sounds refreshing already. And though tiny, Johan’s office is very open and loves to collaborate. The leaflet is the message; it shows pictures of all the people from around the world with whom Kramer has worked and the places that are important to him – all posing with his shoebox office. The actual creation of the office and the leaflet is also a collaboration. With Damian Poulain who designed the office. With Studio theGirls™ that gets to show off its kaleidoscopic feel for art direction and lust for life. And also with Andreas Pasvantis – often working with Kramer and also represented by 328 Stories – who directed a new ‘Hello my name is NOT Johan Kramer’ film in which Dzelme from Riga explains why the website for Johan Kramer (personally) will not be built anymore – it follows up the Uncle Bob’s film created in 2010. When you see these films, you understand why Kramer has kept his agency website so simple; the site shows the shoebox with a link to Kramer’s Vimeo channel and an email address. And that’s all you need, really, in today’s world. We wish Kramer all the best – though we’re sure he won’t need our wishes to do great.