This is the first anti-smoking campaign we’ve ever seen that doesn’t say it’s bad for your health. Instead it very craftfully points the smoker to the costs of smoking through what looks like an installation made out of almost 7,000 cigarettes – it is really made through a CG modeling tool, custom made by Magic. So this is what you’re missing out on; a shelf full of designer bags and shoes by Jimmy Choo. iris Amsterdam also created a motor bike and a trip around the world with the pyramids of Giza. All for the anti-smoking body Stivoro. So if you’re not quiting for your health, do it for your wallet. Tom Ormes, creative director at iris Amsterdam: “talking to the Dutch, we figured let’s hit them where it hurts most – their wallets!” Haha, inspired by the Dutch’ stingyness. We almost can’t imagine this hasn’t been done before. But then again, as we all know that is what you always think when coming across a brillant idea.