For those of you not following what’s happening in Dutch football: there is (or was?) a fight going on between two former Ajax Amsterdam coaches. Van Gaal and Cruijff both want to reorganize the love of their life, Ajax, but in their own way. And they have more in common; they both grew up in Amsterdam Oost and coached FC Barcelona. But since they have their separate visions and are quite narcissistic, they are not best friends. But Ajax’ current shirt sponsor Aegon, or probably rather its agency THEY, convinced Louis Van Gaal to congratulate Cruijff with his 65th birthday in this newspaper ad (click = full picture) last week. A smart move, since a stable Ajax means a more profitable sponsor contract. And whatever you think of Johan Cruijff, the man is a living legend who deserves credit for his big career – both as a player as well as a coach. The print ad was trending topic in the Netherlands and even integrally read out loud on TV by the biggest news channel. Some nice free publicity for Aegon – and Van Gaal, for that matter. Hopefully it will even stir Ajax towards a more stable era. Though we must say that all the rumour hasn’t really bothered Ajax, cause it will most likely become the National champion for a second time in a row.