Mobile telco provider Hi embraced Facebook over the past years and especially the ‘Like’ icon. And since in Hi’s most recent commercial the brand shows how we sometimes neglect our moms, it introduced this Mother’s Day tattoo, created by Morrison Schiffmacher (the daughter of the famous tattooist Henk Schiffmacher) to make ‘mama’ feel special. It is an app that allows you to create a virtual tattoo through your webcam. You can scale it, turn it, blur it, etc. to make sure it looks like a real tattoo. And then, of course, you can make it your profile picture or – better even – send it to your mom to freak her out and make her love you at the same time. What a great idea. On top of this, you can even win the tattoo in real ink, if you give Hi a good reason for wanting it – and not have much taste, for that matter. Created by FHV BBDO.