Apparently not many people read the labels on household chemicals. But it’s wise to do so; according to the Dutch Food and Goods Authority 6,000 incidents take place each year by wrongly handling (read: drinking, exposure to skin, etc.) detergents at home. You can imagine it’s mainly young children who are victim – in fact, in a previous campaign the bottles were very smartly shown through the eyes of a kid. Again Lemz was asked to raise awareness around this issue. And the agency took the insight that money is the most effective behavior changer to the supermarket shelves through a Label Lottery. As you can see in the video Lemz attached a special label to a few bottles with one additional line: “Congratulations! By reading this label you have won €1000.” Though all the bottles are sold already, no one has claimed the prize yet – which makes sense if the thesis is that no one reads the label. This week the word is spread through outdoor (the poster has quite some stopping power) and online that reading a label can actually make you money. Hopefully people don’t just frantically scan the bottle for “€1000,” instead of carefully reading the bits about ‘danger.’