Last Thursday we visited the Jonge Honden (‘Ad Pups’) 24-hour pitch, held at the headquarters of ‘client’ Red Bull, in Amsterdam Noord. The prize: 3 tickets on the Jonge Honden bus to Cannes next month and representing the Netherlands in the international Young Creatives contest. Red Bull’s briefing asked the teams to create an integrated concept around nightlife. The jury consisted of Tim Voors (freelance), Mischa Schreuder (SSSS&Orchestra), Mervyn ten Dam (Achtung!), and Peter Hamelinck (EuroRSCG). Only two teams won (in picture – taken by Roy Laros – from left to right): Daniël Sumarna and Bryan Wolff (WdKA) and Ramin Bahari & Judit Kun (Tribal DDB). Joey Boeters from Jonge Honden; “These two teams clearly stuck out compared to the rest and that’s why we’ll choose the third team based on the submitted portfolio’s” The third team will be announced later this week. We visited the teams on Thursday around 4pm, just after the deadline passed and interviewed three of them. Most of contestants only slept for a few hours – if at all – so they were clearly very groggy, but also very happy to answer some questions.

Nanette Visser (27) and Nik Sluijs (24) – work 3 days a week at N=5 and 2 days at the Willem de Kooning academy.

Though this is Nanette’s first Jonge Honden pitch, she calls herself ‘old’, cause she’s almost too old to be allowed in the competition. Nik is a bit younger, but more experienced; this is his third pitch. Is there an advantage, being experienced? Sluijs: “The advantage was that I was less stressed towards the end. Besides that, I didn’t get too easily distracted and realized we just needed to play our own match.” Satisfied? Sluijs: “More than the previous times, yes.” Did you guys drink a lot of Red Bull? Visser: “Yes, I did, there were quite a few different flavours and I wanted to try them all out.” What are you doing tonight? Sluijs: “I have to DJ at a beach club in Castricum aan Zee until 2 in the morning.” You gotta be kiddin’? “Well, I also need to make some money. Especially when we’ll win and go to Cannes”

Wouter Kampman and Marcel Haasdijk (both 24) – work at DraftFCB.

Kampman and Haasdijk came by car, so at 3 in the morning they quit and tried to sleep in the car. Kampman: “Well, it was not really sleeping, but at least we could chill out a bit.” Winning concept? Haasdijk: “Well, you never know what they are looking for, but we asked what the Jonge Honden thought and they didn’t disapprove. So that’s at least something.” Did you drink a lot of RedBull? Haasdijk: “I first did, but at some point it started to mess with my head, so I quit.” Kampman: “There was plenty of RedBull, but not enough beer. That was really a bummer!” Haasdijk: “Hey, watch out what you say, we still need to win that ticket to Cannes!”

Stefan Rijsmus (26) and Tayfun Sarier (24) – study at the Willem de Kooning academy.

Does it help to have some working experience when you’re pitching here? “Yes, it definitely does” the team says. The team has done an internship at Jung von Matt. How did you arrange the internship? Sarier: “We just sent some e-mails to the coolest agency’s in the world and Jung von Matt was the only agency that replied. We worked there for 6 months and after that they wanted us to stay longer. We’re also welcome once we’ve finished our studies.” So you’ll go back? Sarier: “Don’t know. We’ve also talked with RGA. That would be our dream.” Did you drink a lot of Red Bull? Sarier: “I drank 6 or 7, but only because that was the only drink that was cold.” How did the pitch go? Sarier: “The subject ‘nightlife’ might have been in our advantage, cause we’re experts in going out.” Winning concept? Sarier: “Well, you never know, but we still have two chances, cause we’re also nominated for the Future Lions, organized by AKQA.” Rijsmus adds: “But the chance to win here is much bigger, cause there’s less teams to compete with.” (in total 24, AAB).