Two years ago, during the World Championships of Football in South Africa, there was a German Octopus becoming world famous for rightly predicting the results of all the German matches. On top of that he predicted Spain to win against Holland in the final – true again. This inspired FHV BBDO, production agency Caviar, and US Media to create this cross-over spoof, based on Octopus Paul, Big Brother, and Holland’s Next Top Model. Tim de Waard, copywriter at FHV; “We were already playing with the idea to find the next Octopus Paul. And when we found out that the local petting zoo needed volunteers and money to survive, everything came together. We decided to create this for them.” On a dedicated website you can follow all the predictions – and contact the zoo to volunteer or donate money, of course. A sympathetic and refreshing concept among all the commercial Euro2012 clutter that is driving us mad.