MobyPicture and Tribal DDB Amsterdam have launched Feed the Lions, an online content platform that brings together all social media buzz during Cannes Lions – afterwards it will continue as ‘Feed the Creatives’ at other large advertising festivals. The platform gathers content from Twitter and Facebook, highlighting the best stories generated by the crowd, bloggers and festival jury. And of course the upload tool that needs to be used is MobyPicture – a smart way of making the service better known among the influential crowd that visits Cannes. What’s interesting is that if you register upfront you get the chance to become an ‘ambassador’ of the festival and win one of the 50 ‘Droam MiFi’ (portable WiFi’s). This device makes content sharing a lot easier and, more importantly, free – no roaming required. The ambassadors will also receive tickets to the hottest parties in Cannes, so that they can share the experience; a win/win for all parties involved.