With only one shortlisted case in Mobile, Amsterdam disappointed us a little this week. Fortunately the only nomination in this growing category was awarded with Silver last night. Yune and XS2TheWorld created an app for the Dutch Railways (NS); an app that allows you to see the Royal waiting rooms of three train stations in 3D – not really a big idea, but a rich visual experience that shows where mobile is going. In Media there were two awards, Silver and Bronze for ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis – also winning already in Direct – and ‘Save an orchestra’ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra (MO) by EuroRSCG, respectively. The latter was a multi-media campaign creating, among other things, a popular number 1 hit by the MO effectively persuading the Dutch government to keep the MO subsidized. In Outdoor the only shortlist nominee, Dominos ‘Safe sound‘  by Indie – an electric scooter making the artificial sound ‘Mmmm,’ didn’t get awarded. To our surprise. It is one of the more truly original ideas coming from Amsterdam this year.