I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I don’t want you to call me a bottomless pit. I simply want a mom” – click to see the poster in full. Now that is a tone of voice for SOS Kinderdorpen (literally: ‘children’s villages’) that stands out! And what a great photo – made by Lars-Gunnar Svärd. Creative Wencke van Amstel, from Pink and Poodle: “we purposefully chose for an angry look, not pathetic or cheerful. These kids are pissed off about all the talking-without-doing that is symptomatic for the western world. That’s why we’re giving these children a voice in this campaign.” So all in all it nicely cuts the crap and insightfully goes for a more structural solution – for €6 a month this boy ‘Mamo’ will receive a loving home.