Johan Kramer in the middle with his new associates Günther Heffels and Eva Maier
This spring film director Johan Kramer opened up his distinctive shoebox office in Amsterdam, specialising in “filmmaking and creating little, own worlds for brands & friends. As digital or analog as people want it to be.” Already at the end of this summer a new shoebox will open its doors in Berlin – based in a former, very small, dance salon in the new hip area Neuköln. The two co-founders are Günther Heffels and Eva Maier, who have worked at Heimat, Jung von Matt and Trigger Happy Productions 360. Kramer: “The idea of the shoebox is that it can travel anywhere and work anywhere. Right after I started it, I got some invitations from creative people abroad to start a local office. When I recently worked on a project with Günther and Eva for the new coffee chain Godshot, I thought why not let them run my small office in Berlin – a city I love to work in.” The first two projects of the Berlin office will be for 11 Freunde, a magazine about football culture, and for a 2014 Climate Project for the Berlin City Council. Trigger Happy Productions – representing Kramer as a director in Germany – will be partnering with the brand new Berlin office. Good busy, Mr Kramer!