Philip Brink and Hugo van Woerden last week announced to leave Wieden+Kennedy. They worked mostly on Heineken; first on some extra content around The Entrance, then on the multi-award winning Making of The Date (among other prizes a Grand Prix at Eurobest and Silver in Cannes), and finally the Heineken Serenade campaign. The team joined Wieden only 2 years ago. The reason they are leaving already is that they want to work with a better balance between paid and owned projects – more in the direction of 50% freelance and 50% own initiatives. The team told us that this was their initial plan already before joinging Wieden, but when the agency asked them to work for them it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. About Wieden: “It’s a one of a kind agency where you get to work with the best people in the industry. We really enjoyed working with ECD’s Mark [Bernath, AAB] and Eric [Quennoy, AAB]. On the one hand they are extremely talented and on the other they are very positive and relaxed. Also working with Fredrik Bond [the renowned director, AAB] was a unique experience; this man has so much energy and the natural skill to improvise on set. We also learned a ton from Erik Verheijen, head of broadacts at Wieden. He helped us to overcome many practical difficulties.” What now? “First we’re going to do some traveling – separately. When we get back we might do some more freelance work for Wieden and we also have a few projects of our own waiting for us. Other than that, the future is wide open.