LG asked Perfect Fools to show the consumer that “the best things in life are better in 3D”. So the agency picked up a platform that is “universal, loved and fun,” namely Facebook, and turned it 3D. The new application enables you to see your newsfeed in 3D. Since everything nowadays needs to be turned into video – because we’re too busy and lazy to try out apps and because video is easier to seed – it was beta trialled among “selected members of the Amsterdam creative community” and filmed. The film is not very interesting, but it at least shows more or less how the app works – saves you a trip into the app. The 3D Facebook newsfeed is the first in a series of 3D creations that Perfect Fools will create for LG. Feedback (like: “Why doesn’t this app use the colour of Facebook’s visual identity?) can be submitted on Facebook. The goal of this all is that whenever you think of 3D, you think of LG. Makes sense.