As we all know the mobile market is as busy and versatile as a colony of ants. That’s why providers come up with new jargon and contracts regularly – to be able to say ‘new and improved.’ Take mobile provider KPN; in this online film it talks about ‘leasing, charging, and letting go’ your phone/plan. Leasing means less costs and more service and ‘charging/letting go’ means more flexibility. O.k., so that was the client talking. What we found more interesting – especially for a brand like KPN – is the form. Since this film is only distributed online it was given a lot more freedom than what KPN shows on TV. It seems as if the colour green was the only corporate given. Other than that it was able to rid itself as much as possible from all the distractible bull. But it’s not just the film. On the webpage you can very easily and intuitively follow the three steps to lease your phone. We like it. Created by TAXI Amsterdam – website in-house. Film directed by Crabsalad and produced by 100% Halal.