For those of you who haven’t heard of Moke – it’s an Amsterdam based band that just released their third album. The Stone Twins designed the cover of the album and were also asked to create some rumour around the brand. They came up with this rather weird video to promote Moke’s new single ‘Burning The Ground’. For non Dutchies – who might be inclined to quickly ‘zap’ away – the ‘fan’ (wearing a wig that resembles the hairdos of some of the band members) in this ‘viral’ is the famed Dutch comic actor Michiel Romeyn (of Jiskefet fame). According to the Stone Twins “the film is intentionally amateur to mimic the YouTube genre and was shot in one take with a cheap camera. And the lighthearted and self-deprecating tone is to reflect the new sound of Moke and their desire to take themselves a little less seriously.” The official release of the single is on Sept 7th.