After Philips and Tribal DDB’s enormous success (award-wise) with ‘Obsessed with sound,’ Tribal was allowed to create yet another website around sound. The site gives 9 insights into the acoustic design and craftsmanship behind Philips’ Fidelio product range. For example, step 1, ‘inspiration,’ shows how Philips studied “the intricacies of air movement through a trumpet” and step 5, ‘improve,’ how “moulds were made from 400 different ear shapes in order to create the perfect cushion for the M1 headphones.” Each story makes a clickable frame and sound loop and together all these sounds make quite an uplifting, hypnotic track. As every piece of ad nowadays, this one also has a making of. And funnily enough the making of shows how creating the ad required at least as much research as Philip’s products did. So if no increase in Philips sales, this ad will at least impress the craft jury in Cannes next year. The experience was produced by Stinkdigital and the frames shot by director Gustav Johansson. The sound was designed by Ernest Greene (Washed Out).