Nice one. That’s what we thought when we came across this idea. Dairy brand Melkunie is proud of giving its cows the freedom to graze. And that’s how Isobar was inspired to build this cow bingo Facebook app. It’s quite simple; out of 24 cows, you can choose the first 5 cows to leave the meadow to get back in their stables at the end of the day. Since they all cross the same sensored opening in the fence and have a chip around their neck, the ‘draw’ takes place automatically and can be followed live at 4 pm every day via a webcam. And, as Isobar subtly mentioned to us, Melkunie doesn’t use ‘bribed media,’ which means you don’t have to become ‘Friends’ with them to participate – though, speaking of bribing, you do get an extra bingo card for it. We do realize this concept is somewhat similar to the cow dong concept by Natwerk, but Cow Bingo definitely takes things to the next level.